Adaptive Energy is helping shape the synthetic fuels and high-value bio products market utilizing world leading technologies and infiltrating global markets.


Synthetic Fuels

Our Synthetic fuels client’s production process converts cellulosic biomass using high temperature pyrolysis, at atmospheric pressure, to a hydrogen-rich gas stream. The unique, patented process converts the resulting syngas to liquid hydrocarbon fuel in a single-step direct conversion process. It is a simple, non-catalytic, and energy efficient process. Feedstock for the fuel is Biomass and MSW. The Synthetic diesel fuel:

  1. Is insurable. Contract liability coverage is available for diesel quality, production volume output, project profitability, debt payment coverage or other financial metrics. The insurance is strong and reliable. It is underwritten by Hannover Re which has an AM best rating of “A+” and an S&P rating of “AA-“.
  2. Has been tested and certified ASTM D975 by leading National Lab, SGS Herguth labs located in Santa Rosa, CA. .
  3. Over The Road ASTM D975 Diesel Fuel registration will be issued by the EPA in May, 2016.


Adaptive Energy believes this is the only Biomass or MSW Synthetic Diesel worldwide that is ASTM D975 Certified, whose quality and output are insurable and that has received EPA over the road approval. The fuel already meets all ASTM requirements for other uses, which are income generators, such as;

  • Marine fuels
  • Heavy equipment off-road use
  • Heating Oil
  • BTU/Heat generation
  • Blending use
  • Feedstock for other systems

Our client delivers technology and equipment to produce cheap hydrogen from biomass. Hydrogen is consistently viewed as a way to solve energy problems because it burns clean, and has a high energy content.  Our client’s production plants produce hydrogen gas on demand, which eliminates the need for storage. Using heat in the absence of oxygen, the molecular structure of the biomass is changed into a gas that is comprised of 65% hydrogen. The hydrogen is used to treat low grade bio oil into “drop in” fuels that are chemically similar to petroleum fuels.

This high concentration of hydrogen also allows it to run directly into a diesel or natural gas genset to produce electricity. These electricity systems are scalable from 750 kW to over 400MWh.

Because of the uniqueness of the systems we address the need for:

  • “Drop In” Biofuels
  • Electricity
  • Heat
  • Water
  • Diesel/Natural Gas Supplementation

Cellulose to Hydrogen Power (CHyP) Technology is:

  • Scalable
  • On-Demand
  • Clean
  • Carbon Neutral
  • Economical
  • Renewable

All systems are quoted as turnkey.  Our business is to help you reduce costs and increase revenue through the production of ultra-low cost diesel fuel and electricity. We do alot of handholding through the design, build and initial start-up. Our services include needs analysis, project planning, connect with feedstock and offtake sources, connect with funding sources, guidance through permitting process, assistance in applying for State and Federal incentives, grants and Government backed loans. Some companies do not want to be involved with the day to day operation of these fuel producing plants.  We offer the ability to manage some, most or all of the operation process.


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